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3 Questions to Ask Before You Install a Plugin

What are plugins?

Plugins are pieces of software codes that enable applications or programs to do things that applications or programs cannot do by themselves. Adobe Flash Player is one of the commonly used software codes, without this plugin you cannot view videos embedded into web pages.

Software codes serve their own purposes; foreign language-alphabets, social media networking, etc. are some of the examples. There are plugins to display documents related to Microsoft Office 2007 within your selected browser. Email programs use PGP plugins to safeguard privacy and security of their users. Media players will need plugins that enable them to play a particular media type. Sometimes plugins could be just routines.

Why plugins are excellent?

Plugins are very much portable and can easily be deployed. They are very small, but pack an enormous power. However, all these advantages depend upon the plugin framework that you use.

Coming to WordPress, the plugins are just awesome. They can improve SEO, save you a lot of time, and build up the speed of your website and much more. They allow web developers and designers to build sites that are more advanced, quicker and with better features as well. The official plugin directory with WordPress has over 20,000 plugins and the volume of downloads exceed 330,000,000. These enormous numbers leave no doubt in one’s mind that plugins are essential elements in WordPress ecosystem.

Problems that you may face while using plugins:

However, there is also a downside about using them. Too much reliance on plugins could increasingly open up your site to a variety of potential risks. A large number of active plugins could make your site run sluggish and cause a delay in webpage response. The more number of plugins increases the chances of difficulties that you may face, but not all the difficulties arise out of it.

  • Plugins that are poorly developed are the main culprits. You are most likely to face a decrease in speed, security vulnerabilities and other long-term risks when you use a plugin that is not being updated or developed by an author using sub-standard development practices.

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