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Importance of Ecological Assessment For Sustainable Development

Some important elements the Ecological Assessment include

Information about ecological consultants – The name of the ecologist who is conducting the survey and his cumulative years of experience should be mentioned in the survey.

Evaluation of the site – The report should include the evaluation of the ecological importance of the site, there should be clear indication of the impact of the development on the biodiversity of the site and its surrounding, the species that are going to be affected by the development, mitigation and compensation proposals and any other impacts of the proposed development.

Desktop Ecological survey – Desktop Ecological survey includes gathering existing ecological information related to the site and also Ordnance Survey plan indicating the site and surrounding buffer area from the records of Local Biodiversity Record Centre. From the records, the ecologist has to deduce if any protected species and his habitat will have an impact because of the development of the site. The survey report should include a description of the site along with its location and map, the current status of the site, designated sites within 1 km and details about all ecological data. You can visit this website for details: RTO Training Packages

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