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Custom Football Kits, the Professional Look for Your Team

Football is huge within the UK and even across the world. It is a custom that every Saturday and Sunday thousands of people either attend a match at their local stadium or go and watch one of the many professional teams across the UK.

The number of people that are playing grows every year and recent estimates say that over 8 million players are playing every week, that is 1 in 8 people choosing to spend their weekends participating in the game.

If we are not attending games or playing, we can quite easily catch a game on the TV over the various types of broadcasts that are now available. Any day of the week throughout the football season you can find a game of football on some form of TV channel. Gone are the days when all the games were on a Saturday, the English top flight professional games can be found at anytime during the week.

Football clubs are businesses at heart. The buying and selling of players at a profit, ticket sales, TV rights, and half time cups of tea with a burger all contribute to the profits of the club. It is because of this that clubs are able to spend so much time and money on getting their next strips outfit so right.

It seems that each year football clubs release a new range of football strips, a change in sponsor or shirt manufactures will inevitably cause a change in kit redesign. But even if there are no forced changes it is now a custom of most teams to release a new first, second or third strip, usually because they know their loyal supporters will want the latest design and go out to buy it.

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