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Domain Reseller And Reseller Hosting Explained

As the Internet has developed, a number of new ventures and ideas have cropped up in the web industry. You would have come across the term reseller several times before. A reseller is basically a party that buys a product or a service with the purpose of reselling it later. The Internet industry also provides the user with an opportunity to start with a reseller business. The two most common reseller businesses in the Internet industry are domain name reseller and reseller hosting. Let us discuss in detail about them.

The business of domain reselling has mainly become popular due to its simplicity. It is basically a business that allows a party to resell domain names. A domain reseller basically provides domain registration services for available domains. They also engage in the process of acquiring expired domains from a drop registrar for a later resale. Becoming a reseller of domain names holds a great business potential especially for website designing companies or web hosting companies. By incorporating domain name registration service, web hosts or website designing firms can become a one stop solution for businesses that aim to set up an online presence.

Many domain registrars offer different types of reseller plans to their clients. By offering reseller plans a registrar is able to drum up more business. The biggest benefit of becoming a reseller is that it does not need the user to have any technical knowledge. The parent domain registrar takes care of all the services, including registration and customer support. Though the end-user buys the domain name from the reseller and may also access the domain name control panel at the reseller’s website, the domain is actually registered with the parent registrar.


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